! this is not a cryptocurrency !

 Your money are in your hands!  – this is a fundamental, extremely important feature  of gløbal, which does not have any type of cryptocurrency or “your” money in bank accounts, etc.
You have gløbal in your hands, just like coins or banknotes. Your money (gløbal) is in files on your computer’s hard drive or your smartphone’s memory or wherever you want on the Internet (or outside of it). Encrypted and protected with a password(s) known only to you.
You can also rewrite or print the content of such a file onto a piece of paper and keep it completely offline – in a drawer / safe.

And the second unique feature – gløbal is a promissory note, which is a completely legal tender that has been used for hundreds of years, free from restrictive securities restrictions and completely uncontroversial.
You issue – and/or trade – bills of exchange (weksel/Wechsel / lettre de change/ letra de cambio) saved in files. These are not tokens but documents!

Third – gløbal is a platform for creating, exchanging and trading unique files that may contain anything of value people think of. Continue reading